Check In - customer contact information recording for NHS Test and Trace

Check In

Customer contact recording for NHS Test & Trace


Welcome to Check In

A simple, cost-effective solution for recording customer and visitor contact information in support of NHS Test & Trace.

Check In enables venues to comply with the Government requirements for collecting customer records and the General Data Protection Requirements

Visitors Check In to your venue using their own mobile phones. It's quick, COVID-secure, GDPR-compliant - and leaves venue staff free to spend more time serving customers.

Check In can be quickly deployed at any venue that needs to keep visitor records for COVID-19 purposes. Sign up and your venue can be using Check In within a day.

Check In is great value for money at just £10.00 a month per venue, with a £30.00 set-up fee.

Non-profit community venues can use Check In for free.


  • Connect with QR Code or simple web link
  • Instant Check In and Check Out
  • Works on any smartphone with internet
  • Browser-based; no App download required


  • Only essential data is gathered - just a name and contact number
  • Data is encrypted before submission
  • Data is stored on secure UK-based servers
  • Records are deleted after a maximum of 28 days


  • Personal data is handled in accordance with GDPR
  • Data is only used to assist NHS Test & Trace
  • Data is not used for marketing purposes
  • No Ads, Pop-ups or tracking

How Check In works

We've made Check In as simple as possible for both venue managers and visitors to use.

Venues are supplied with posters containing information about the service and with QR Codes for visitors to use when Checking In or Out. Web addresses are also provided (we keep these as short as possible for ease of use).

Click Here to see an example of a Check In poster.

On arrival at a venue, visitors take a few seconds to Check In using their smartphones. When they leave they Check Out in much the same way.

Visitors' data is encrypted and sent to our secure servers where it is stored for up to 28 days before being permanently deleted.

Venue managers and their staff do not have routine access to this data; it will only be made available in response to a valid NHS Test & Trace request, or if there is an overriding legal requirement to provide the data.

The wording and images used in Check In can be customised for each venue. Add your own branding and your own messages at all stages of the Check In process. 

Try the Demo

Take a look at a typical Check In page and try Checking In and Checking Out.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone or just click on it. You'll see how simple it is!

QR Code for Check In Demo

Any Questions?

If you are a venue manager and have any questions about the Check In service, just fill in the form on our contact page and we'll be delighted to help.